10X Better: 10 phone calls to get you started

your call New Package: 10X Better!

A lot of people have problems talking to business partners on the phone in English. They find it difficult to switch fast enough to English, and sometimes they don’t know what to say for the simple things like “How are you”, “How’s the weather over there in Germany” or “Talk to you soon again”.

At the same time, they usually don’t have enough time to go to regular training courses, and English isn’t really at the very top of the priority list. your call has a new product out that helps solve the problem: 10X Better!

10X Better! is 10 phone calls of 30 minutes each with an experienced telephone trainer. Employees can have the phone calls anytime they want over a period of 6 months. The phone calls get people used to having calls, and they learn all the basic “conventions” of good phoning etiquette like a bit of small talk at the start, how to work around something that’s hard to explain exactly, good ways of ending a call, etc.

“It’s amazing how fast callers overcome their inhibitions about phoning in English. They start to develop a real sense of fun, and look forward to their next chance to run a call in English on the phone”, says Michael Power, Managing Director of your call. “Employers like the package because 10 times 30 minute training units spread over a longer period of time is a manageable investment in work time and resources, the costs are relatively modest, and the results in terms of learning progress and motivation are great.”


About your call

In one or two phone calls (30 minutes long) per week, learners improve their English or German very fast. Our method is tried-and-tested, and our customers include leading German companies. We teach exactly the language people need for their work. We are a small team with a deep knowledge of German and international business culture. We work our way into our clients' industry, business and markets, so we know very well the challenges our learners are facing.
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