oops: A friend of mine

There was a mistake in my last post!

Correct is: “A friend of ours lives in Kassel.”

Not right: “A friend of us lives in Kassel.”

To describe relationships between people, we either

1) put the possessive determiner before the other person or

2) put the possessive pronoun at the end.
Both are correct: 1) They are my friends and 2) They are friends of mine.


About your call

In one or two phone calls (30 minutes long) per week, learners improve their English or German very fast. Our method is tried-and-tested, and our customers include leading German companies. We teach exactly the language people need for their work. We are a small team with a deep knowledge of German and international business culture. We work our way into our clients' industry, business and markets, so we know very well the challenges our learners are facing.
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